What is a Trauma Informed/Resiliency Focused Culture?

A trauma informed/resilience focused culture recognizes 4 important realities:

  1. Trauma impacts everyone
  2. Trauma changes everything
  3. Healing is possible
  4. Relationships heal

In a trauma informed culture, we are always asking the question, “What happened to you?” rather than “What is wrong with you?”

At the Children’s Study Home, being a Trauma Informed/Resilience Focused Culture means that we identify all challenges expressed by consumers and staff alike as coping responses to historical trauma.  With this perspective, our primary goal is to avoid re-traumatization and to actively build resilience.  To this end, we approach all aspects of interventions and employment from the six domains of a Trauma Informed Culture (TIC):

  1. Safety (physical and emotional)
  2. Trustworthiness (Do what we say and say what we do)
  3. Choice
  4. Collaboration (making sure we are working together to identify goals)
  5. Empowerment
  6. Cultural Sensitivity

We offer trauma specific treatment and trauma sensitive guidance in all programs. Our staff is consistently trained to understand the impact of trauma and the efforts to create resilience including developmental, primary, secondary and vicarious trauma as well as self-care techniques, trauma sensitive limit setting and supportive/connecting de-escalation techniques.

The Children’s Study Home is dedicated to helping our families, employees and communities heal from trauma and build resilience.  Please consider supporting this endeavor with your employment application or donation today.