At the Curtis Blake Day School, highly trained and licensed teachers provide explicit and systematic instruction in our specialized techniques. All teachers are knowledgeable in the strategies for decoding, spelling, reading narrative and informational text, comprehension, and written and oral expression, and integrate these strategies throughout the day, using common terminology. We believe the integration of our specialized techniques into the regular curriculum promotes maximum comprehension. Therefore our entire teaching staff is thoroughly grounded in these techniques, employing them across the curriculum, every day. As a result, students are exposed to constant and consistent strategies. Beyond the effectiveness of our strategies is the profound impact that a caring staff can make on a learning disabled child. We are proud of our curriculum, but prouder still of the compassionate and dedicated professionals who implement it.


The Curtis Blake Day School is located on the Mill Pond Campus of The Children’s Study Home.

91 Old Acre Road, Springfield, Massachusetts 01129

PHONE: (413)-783-0569

FAX: (413)-783-7980



                             PRINCIPAL: Jennifer Morrisino