The Children’s Study Home greatly appreciates in-kind donations!

For the health and safety of our families and children we ask that you kindly observe our donation guidelines:

All clothing must be new or like new/gently used and must be washed prior to drop off. We will not accept clothing with stains, holes, unwashed, etc. Undergarments, hygiene products, diapers, and food must be new and in original packaging. Car seats and similar items must be up to current safety standards. The Children’s Study Home does not accept mattresses and cannot accept home baked goods for our children. All donations are tax deductible and will receive a tax receipt via mail upon completion of provided tax donation form.

If you would like to make a donation please contact Colleen Callan at 413.739.5626 ext. 232 or

Wish List

    • Weighted Blankets
    • Acoustic Guitars
    • Childcare Supplies
      • Baby formula
      • Diapers
      • Wipes
      • Baby clothes
    • Children’s Books
    • Booster Seats/Car Seats (up to current safety standards)
    • School Supplies:
      • #2 pencils
      • notebooks
      • markers
      • crayons
      • paint
      • coloring books
      • glue
      • sensory toys (balls, squishy things)
      • 4 x 6 index cards  (ruled)
      • Boxes of tissue
      • dry erase markers
      • Basket ball
      • Colored card stock
    • Household Cleaning Supplies:
      • Brooms
      • Mops
      • Buckets
      • Dish Towels
      • Dish Detergent
      • Laundry Detergent
      • House Cleaner
      • Bleach
    • Personal Care Items:
      • Towels
      • Wash cloths
      • Body Soap
    • Non-Perishable Snacks
    • Dressers
    • Plastic Storage Bins
    • Book Cases
    • Computers for Homework
    • Area Rugs
    • Suitcases/Duffel Bags, etc.