IMG_8386Strengthening families, empowering parents, and supporting stable environments for children are at the core of the community-based Family Services Programs at The Children’s Study Home. Parents are provided with supports, education, and assistance to build on their strengths and be competent and confident caregivers for their children.

Through the Intensive Foster Care Programs adolescents are provided stability, intensive case management, and support, as they move towards more permanent living situations. Each of the Community-Based programs provides a broad continuum of services and supports tailored to meet the needs of individual children and families.

Family Visitation Program

The Children’s Study Home has visitation services available to families in need of a supportive environment in which to visit with their children. Families requesting visitation services may be requesting visits as part of a court order or through an adoption agreement that parent/child visits will be supervised.
availability of Family Support Workers.


Family Assessment & Mentoring Services (FAMS) is a community based outreach service providing support for families living on Cape Cod whose child is transitioning back from out-of-home placement and youth at risk of requiring out-of-home treatment services. This model also supports young adults up to 22 years of age with the support they need to both transition and to continue living independently on their own.

Mentors engage youth and caretakers in their own home and community to provide advocacy, case management, linkage to on-going clinical, medical and transportation services, educational assistance and parental support. If you think that your client would benefit from our program, please contact the Cape FAMS Program Manager, Erin Devlin at 774-487-9631.

Parent Education Program

The Parent Education Program is a support service for families involved with DSS who are at risk for neglect and abuse. Families are referred for stabilization and placement prevention. CSH Parent Educators work with families in their homes to identify risks and build on the family’s strengths to provide a stable, nurturing home for their children.

Family Reunification

The Family Reunification Support Project (FRSP) is a supportive service for DCF-involved families. The FRSP program is committed to providing intensive reunification services to each family. Reunification is a team effort between the parent, the CSH Family Support Worker, DCF, and other community providers. Experienced CSH Family Support Workers work directly with parents in identifying the family’s need, building on family strengths and resources, providing a safe, healthy living environment, addressing identified needs, strengthening parent/child relationships, enhancing parenting skills, and assisting families in connecting to and accessing community resources (including housing, welfare assistance, educational/GED programs, daycare, therapeutic supports, substance abuse programs, and food banks).

Family Support

The Children’s Study Home Family Support Project (FSP), based in Hyannis, MA, provides services specifically targeted for three permanency configurations:

  • Families in crisis whose children are at risk of out-of-home placement
  • Families of children who have been reunified from foster care or more restrictive placements
  • Families planning for step down from a residential or hospitalization program.

This program provides an extensive array of services to families and adolescents both in the home and the community. The core of this program is an active, intensive after school, weekend and summer service for adolescents living in the identified family unit. The program uses a community based `youth center’ as a hub of operation. Services are provided in the community and youth center five or six days each week. Each youth is engaged approximately three weekdays and most Saturdays. Transportation and meals are provided.
For more information please call:

Elizabeth Childs
Program Manager
t. 774-303-9003