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Camp CASA had a very successful 2019 summer on Sherman Street with a full enrollment, and a waiting list of over 20 campers. It is always a very busy six weeks!  The 2019 summer Camp Casa program was held from July 8th – August 16th on Sherman Street. We are thankful for all the community donations that make this program happen! For questions, please e-mail

FIT Fathers In Trust

fathers in trust logoOpen to anyone in a fathering role and offered throughout Western Massachusetts, the Fathers in Trust program is a parent education initiative for men ages 16-60, developing skills central to positive parenting and healthy outcomes for children and families.

ENROLL TODAY! Contact Michael Kyles, Program Manager, at 413-739-5626 x270 or email.

          The Curriculum

At the core of the Fathers in Trust program is the Fatherhood Development Curriculum, written and developed by Dr. Jeffery M. Johnson. The curriculum was developed through consultation with fathers, trainers and case managers, with extensive site visits and observation of trainers and participants.

The Fathers in Trust program will cover a 16 week course covering the Fatherhood Development Curriculum, in a series of 2 hour sessions. At the heart of the course are 5 Modules, each addressing a key area that will allow men to develop skills and relationships that increase positive outcomes in their families.

Module 1 – Personal Development

Fatherhood Development starts with the fundamentals. Establish goals and values, and reflect on what you have accomplished and what you soon will. Understand the concept of manhood, as you see it, and as the world sees it. Redefine what it means to be a man and address issues of self-sufficiency.

Module 2 – Life Skills

Equip yourself with all the tools needed to succeed. Learn the values of good communication, and active listening. Find new ways to make empowered decisions and overcome the stress. Find ways to overcome barriers, adversity and discrimination, wherever you might find them.

Module 3 – Responsible Fatherhood

Unlock your potential as a father. Learn what fatherhood means today, and how it has changed over time. Understand the child support system and learn how it affects you. Recognize the needs that all children have, and the influence that a father has in their lives. Overcome the difficulties of being a single father. Find new ways to help children learn and grasp how much empowered fatherhood can affect a child’s self-esteem.

Module 4 – Relationships

Fatherhood, family, friends, so much of life revolves around relationships. Discover what you desire from relationships, and learn how to resolve conflicts to keep them whole. Understand and utilize the support network that surrounds you, and redefine the way that you think about male and female relationships.

Module 5 – Health & Sexuality

This module confronts myths men may hold about health, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse.  Activities in this module encourage participants to explore their values and to apply life skills to these issues.

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It is hard to believe another year seems to be flying by, and again, the holidays are already on our minds. For most of us, this means scheduling parties or getting a jump on the shopping.

But for us at The Children’s Study Home, it means thanking you again for your generosity and asking that you join us this holiday season and become a Secret Santa.

Thank you for keeping us in your heart throughout the year.

If you would like to be involved this year, please let us know at, a list from a child will be $75.