Upcoming Events

May 3rd, 2018 — 30th annual Excel Open Golf Tournament

June 7th, 2017(Tentative Date) — Annual Meeting


The Children’s Study Home is proud of the activities that support our mission.  Through these events we are able to create opportunity for our surrounding communities to help us in many ways.  We have found many generous individuals and businesses who take great pleasure in helping us sustain the work that we do to benefit the children and families that we serve.  We welcome your participation at any level.  Thank you for your interest!


In the News

The Children’s Study Home is an active member of the community, and is often involved in a variety of local activities! Check this page for any news items that might come up!

New Berkshire Campus

Mill Pond School Berkshire Campus

Curtis Blake Day School Saved

Mason Square Signage

Letter to the Editor

Students paint mural

Board Member – Brian Canina

Curtis Blake Ribbon Cutting



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