Our Mission

The Children’s Study Home is dedicated to partnering with families by providing innovative and educational programs and services that strengthen children and families; empowering them to succeed at home, within the community, and throughout life.

About Us

The Children’s Study Home serves children, adolescents, and families with special needs throughout the Pioneer Valley and Cape Cod areas. The children we serve are often struggling to cope with behavioral, psychiatric, and cognitive issues related to the experiences they have survived. Our staff assesses their needs and develops individualized service plans that foster recovery, growth, and wellness.

Where we Work

The Children’s Study Home serves children and families throughout Western Massachusetts and Cape Cod areas. Additionally, we serve children referred from Central Massachusetts as well as the Metro Boston area.

Our Partners

We are proud to work closely with the Departments of Children & Families (DCF), Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE), and Early Education & Care (EEC) to serve children and families in need. We also work with local public school districts seeking Special Education for their students.


The Children’s Study Home was originally founded in April of 1865 as The Springfield Home for Friendless Women and Children. This organization was one of the first social service agencies in Massachusetts and was started by a broad group of religious leaders ‘to provide a temporary home for friendless and destitute women and children; and to give them employment and instruction with the ultimate design of providing for them a more permanent situation, or of fitting them to maintain themselves.’ (Agency Constitution, 1865)

125 year History by Frances Gagnon click here
150 year History by Ellen Rubinstein click here

Our Philosophy

Since 1865, The Children’s Study Home has been dedicated to the belief that the family is the core of a child’s life experience, and that whenever possible; preservation of the family unit should be supported. The Children’s Study Home recognizes the value of each child and the importance of nurturing their development to their fullest capabilities. Based upon these tenets we are guided by the following objectives:

  • The Children’s Study Home believes that our clients are people of dignity and worth, and that they have the right to develop themselves to their fullest potential through the provision of high quality preventive, residential, educational, and social services.
  • The Children’s Study Home believes that primary preventive programs facilitate the healthy growth and development of children and families.
  • The Children’s Study Home believes that the healthiest environment within which a child can grow is a safe and nurturing environment. The Children’s Study Home is committed to providing an alternative living situation for children in need of specialized care.
  • The Children’s Study Home respects clients and staff regardless of their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and disability.
  • The Children’s Study Home is committed to sound management practices which will ensure the continuity of services to the changing needs of the community both now and in the future.
  • The Children’s Study Home believes in Quality Assurance and the pursuit of excellence through measurable goals and objectives.
  • The Children’s Study Home is committed to hiring qualified staff and supports opportunities for their professional development.

Annual Report

  • Our 2015 Annual Report is available for viewing here.
  • Our 2014 Annual Report is available for viewing here.
  • Our 2013 Annual Report is available for viewing here.
  • Our 2012 Annual Report is available for viewing here.